San Mateo County Carpet Cleaners

San Mateo Carpet Cleaning uses a green and sustainable cleaning solution to clean your carpets, rugs, upholstery and more. By utilizing the cleaning power of carbonation, dirt lifts to the surface where our powerful suction tools whisk it away. The result is a cleaning like you have never seen before. Whether its carpet, upholstery, tile or any surface our cleaning methods are effective and safe. Serving the area for over 20 years, we offer the carpet cleaning San Mateo has come to trust.

San Mateo Carpet CleaningWe can even tackle cleaning the toughest stains on the lightest carpets as well. If you have wine, chocolate or even ink stains we can take care of the problem. We also offers pet urine removal for those accidents that our favorite pets can leave behind. Whatever the mess we are cleaning up, we are ready and prepared to handle it. Our experienced and certified cleaning technicians train to handle any situation, so bring your messiest. If you have any carpet, upholstery, tile, wood, grout or any surface cleaning needs, give us a call today!

We currently offer:

Carpet Cleaning
Upholstery Cleaning
Tile Cleaning
Drapery Cleaning
Stone Cleaning
Grout Cleaning
Wood Cleaning and Restoration
Area Rug Cleaning
Oriental Rug Cleaning
Stain Removal
Pet Urine Removal
Water Damage Restoration
Commercial Cleaning
Green Cleaning Certified
Leather Cleaning

Our carpet cleaning process tops our competitors in a number of ways. Compared to their old style steam cleaning methods, our process features:

•Carbonating, active cleaning solution
•Neutral pH cleaning solution
•Safe, non-toxic Cleaning solution
•Resists resoiling Carpet
•Low water quantity Carpet Cleaning
•Short drying time
•Low pressure application

Compare to their methods:
•Flat, inactive cleaning solution
•High pH cleaning solution
•Chemicals, surfactants, soaps
•Encourages resoiling
•High water quantity
•High pressure application
•Long drying times

Enjoy the many advantages:

•Superior Power – Approved by CRI
•Dries in 1-2 hours, not 1-2 days
•Our primary cleaning solution is completely safe & non-toxic
•Hot Water Extraction with Carbonation lifts soil easily while optional
Protectant restores stain-fighting to fibers. Dry’s faster than Steam!
•Resists resoiling – so your fibers stay cleaner, longer
•Located near you at 6 9th Ave San Mateo Ca 94402